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Youth Ensemble "Ensemble"

Etty Hilsom Theater for the Advancement of Youth at Risk

A sense of home, passion and a tool for life in the theater

Monologues, physical theater, clowns, masks, sound development, improvisation, circus and more

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Who we are?

The Etty Hilsom Youth Theater is a non-profit organization that aims to provide a protected space for youth from disadvantaged backgrounds, where they can realize their love for the theater, and receive a mental, physical and intellectual response in a reality that does not always allow it. The theater, located in the heart of the Jaffa D neighborhood, contains 470 seats and is a real home, and a warm corner.


"I just have a lot of faith in myself, and a gratitude that life is so beautiful, which is why this is a historic moment: not because I need to go to the Gestapo any more, but because life still seems beautiful to me."

Etty Hilsom

With your help we can grow

Your donations allow us to deliver theater courses and workshops 4 days a week to 30 teens from difficult backgrounds.

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Articles and events

Upcoming performances

  • Show 1
    Tel Aviv
    Sep 23, 2023, 7:00 PM
    Tel Aviv, Gordon 21
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