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  • To the heart, 16

    My name is Lalib, I am 19 years old, third year in the ensemble. At first when I joined I was a little scared because it was new, but it didn’t take more than 30 minutes until I realized what an amazing place I had come to.

    The ensemble is full of opinions, cultures and stories, each individually for years.

    And the nicest part is that when the lesson starts nothing prevents anyone from just acting.

    From the moment you walk through the ensemble door you are equal among equals. I even feel blessed to be and it's very hard to make me feel that way.

    The ensemble gives me a place to let go. I can let my feelings be released during scenes and there is nothing I love anymore.

    This amazing place allows me to prove to myself that with all the madness of life I can calm down, put everything aside and do what makes me feel the best he plays. All my dreams of fulfilling myself in theater / television in Israel and moving to the rest of the world were very small before. Now I believe I can do anything. The ensemble has given me the most important gift you can give a person who is the knowledge I can, and no matter how many things stand in my way, I will achieve my goals. There is no more amazing place, every child is a magic in a different color.

  • נור.jpg

    Nur Quesma

    I joined the ensemble a year and a half ago. At first I did not feel 100% great, but over time I realized how it opens doors for me to places I never thought to look at. For me it's a place to be me all the way, exposing different sides of myself and talking about things I can not talk about anywhere else. You could say this is my place of release. I really like getting to the ensemble because it really is a place that can change you in many ways, can make you open up, get you out of the box, and it's just an active place that makes you move. Through the ensemble I realized what my dream is, which is to be a psychologist who helps people with the help of theater like the ensemble and I believe I will succeed.

  • 21-year-old Lisa Katz

    I immigrated to Israel alone as part of a program that allows high school students to live in a boarding school and attend school just like Israelis who were born and raised in the country. Ariel (one of the teachers in the ensemble) who also taught theater at my boarding school told me about the ensemble and as a result I joined .. I was already in the twelfth grade, fourth year in the country, but I still had difficulties with Hebrew I did not know this language before immigrating to Israel. Improve my Hebrew. Since I am alone in Israel and lived in a boarding school, the ensemble is the place that during this period became my home in Israel, not physically but mentally, because here there are people who love you and accept you as you are. Almost from the beginning I felt here as in some language shelter as if I had been protected from all the evil of life in the boarding school and from the loneliness I had felt since the aliyah. The teachers here not only taught theater, but tried to find a way for each trainee and help him develop both on stage and in normal life outside the ensemble, and they greatly helped me to believe in myself and accept myself as I am. When I finished high school and was left completely alone in the country I was in a very difficult transition period, and everyone I had in the country so it was my friends from an ensemble that until now is an integral part of my life and my best friends for life.

    After I enlisted I could no longer continue in the ensemble, but this place would always remain in my heart, and I came to visit performances and rehearsals. Now I have been released and am returning here with great happiness and joy


  • Amgad Shawa is 17 years old

    Overall I was excited about a player named Dylan O'Brien and I said I wondered if I could play like him too .. and a few days later a friend of mine suggested I come to the ensemble, and I said to myself it must be fate .. I went to the ensemble as an insecure kid with nothing to do in the afternoon without friends and even without No talents. I'm been in the ensemble for almost two years and I feel like my life has changed from end to end since I joined: I have self-confidence, friends, experiences, strong talent in the game, amazing memories, experience in guys' affairs, a unique character I love and endless support from my team. Just thanks to all the compliments, support, investment and caring I gave I get on stage or stand in front of the camera and people I don’t know clap my hands and it feels like a few moments in heaven and it just makes me happier and more eager for my next challenge.

  • Ilona Bikov is 17 years old

    I joined the ensemble in the fall of 2018. I found a group of people different from each other who came from the same background as me

    The first year in theater was a year of learning new things, examples and tasks.

    Since I'm in a private school, for me this place has become a second house in the ensemble. We learn to play, get food and meet friends.

    In this place I realized what profession I want - actor. And theater allows me to have the right experience and other opportunities.

    In conclusion, I can say that in the theater you can always release your feelings, express your opinion, share what worries you. All this helped me a lot.

  • Aya Khoni

    To me the ensemble is like Narnia, an amazing place you can not help but imagine. There is always a surprise waiting for you. I have a feeling something exciting is about to happen every time I get there. The ensemble is the place that helped me fulfill my biggest dream - acting, and not just acting but theater. The ensemble made me dream big, think I can, maybe one day I will also be on the big stages in the world together with the best actors and actresses. As most of my members in the ensemble know - I am an Arab. Now, if we get into the silly debate over whether I'm Palestinian or Israeli I prefer to stay with my religion and say - hey, I'm Aya, I'm Muslim and I'm a woman. Without definitions and nonsense, what's the problem for me to be just me as a person and not get caught up in the stigmas of 'oh she's an Arab so she loves hummus, oh she's muslim so she must be a terrorist, oh she's a woman so she's probably wasting her life in the kitchen with kids I'm Aya I'm a Muslim by faith, and I'm a strong woman who's not afraid of anything, and especially not afraid to dream and do and show the world that I am, no matter what or who I am.

Despite their difficult backgrounds, our diverse young people have found a sense of home, passion and a tool for life in the theater.

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